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Kriella for Life

For Your Brain

For Your Beauty

For Your Body

Kriella for Life - For your body and mind

Kriella is a supreme quality brand for the supply of health, wellness and nutritional products.

We only use the best quality ingredients and materials to ensure that our customers can always rely on the fact that the brand name stands for the best quality available in the market today.

The first product in our portfolio is the Kriella™ Krill Oil, one of the richest sources of Omega-3 and antioxidants. Our Krill is harvested in the purest Antarctic waters using the most ecologically conscious techniques.

Choose Kriella and start living better today.

  • Bronze Pack

    Bronze Pack


    This pack contains 2 boxes of Kriella™ Krill Oil and 2 boxes of Kriella™ Krill Oil B-Active.

  • Silver Pack

    Silver Pack


    This pack contains 10 boxes of Kriella™ Krill Oil.

  • Gold Pack

    Gold Pack


    This pack contains 18 boxes of Kriella™ Krill Oil and 10 boxes of Kriella™ B-Active.

  • Silver Combo Pack

    Silver Combo Pack


    Silver Combo Pack contains: 3 Kriella™ Krill Oil, 2 Kriella™ B-Active, 2 Kriella™ Kids Krill Oil, 4 Kriella™ Astaxanthin.

  • Gold Combo Pack

    Gold Combo Pack

    Gold Combo Pack contains: 9 Kriella™ Krill Oil, 9 Kriella™ B-Active, 4 Kriella™ Kids Krill Oil, 9 Kriella™ Astaxanthin.


  • Helps concentrate better and improves memory
  • Protects the nervous system from the adverse effects of free radicals
  • Inhibits the growth of brain tumours and delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease


  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Slows down the process of aging
  • Protects the eyes and skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation


  • Regulates blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy
  • Effectively reduces the pain caused by arthritis and similar diseases
  • Reduces blood cholesterol levels and stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Promotes prostate health and helps prevent prostate cancer as well as reduce symptoms of ill prostate health


  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Prevents eyesight degeneration, and consumed regularly, krill oil improves vision
  • Helps maintain hormonal balance
  • Helps lower the symptoms of PMS
  • Prevents unnecessary accumulation of fats, thus promoting weight loss