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I started taking Kriella Krill Oil capsules three weeks ago, and I can say that they have had a very good impact on my health. I have been suffering from joint pain for several years; now it is almost gone, I don’t even feel it! It is much easier to walk, and climbing up the hill or stairs is not a problem anymore.
My nails are more beautiful, and they do not break as before taking the capsules.
I used to be a heavy coffee consumer but since I have started taking Kriella Krill Oil, I only drink 1-2 cups of coffee per day. Compared to 3-4 cups previously, this is quite good.
This dietary supplement has given me more energy, and it is especially helpful in my night shifts, as I do not feel so tired anymore.
Thank you for this wonderful product, Kriella! I will keep on using it for a long time, and I will recommend it to everyone who has not tried it yet.